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Throughout the year we will be posting opportunities for you to get funding and support to create new work, develop innovative ideas and collaborate.

North East Comedy Hot House

Digital shorts Commission Call out 24 x 90 seconds – 3 minute films

 The North East Comedy Hot House is a first-of-its kind comedy co-op cultivating regional talent, both on and off screen led by Northern Film + Media in partnership with scripted comedy executive and North East native, Emma Lawson.

We are excited to launch our latest commission – a call out for digital shorts for a broadcaster’s social media channels.

These will be ORIGINAL socially sharable, sharp comedy films that engage with a young adult audience and encourage debate while showcasing brilliantly funny, emerging talent from the North East and Tees Valley.  We are looking to make exciting, sharable, fresh comedy stings. These shorts are a chance to be playful, experiment, take risks and give new talent the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with regional crew and producers.

We want to work with an eclectic set of rule breakers, disrupters, commentators, sketch troupes, comedy performers and storytellers, who all have two things in common: they live in the North East, and they make us laugh.  We are looking for individuals, partnerships or registered production companies who are:


  • Send a UK industry standard script of your comedy short/ shorts and no more than a one page treatment document of your idea. You can also send a short synopsis for as many additional ideas as you’d like.
  • A description of your approach as a director touching on tone and visual ambition and any info on cast/talent if you have it.
  • A short biography and links to a previous film/creative project of your own.
  • Your address and contact details.

Production Companies

  • Outline how many of the films you would be interested in producing – this can be one, two or more.
  • Tell us why you are interested in producing comedy shorts and how it would benefit your development.
  • A short biography of you / your company, including your track record.
  • Your address and contact details.

Comedy Talent

  • Outline why and what you would be interested in being cast in.
  • Tell us who you’d be interested in collaborating with.
  • Include a short biography of you and your work including links to social media films you have appeared in.
  • Your address and contact details.

All applicants must be over 18 years old. You must be based in or from the North East of England. Producers and Production Companies must be registered in the North East.


Duration: 90 seconds – 4 minutes

YouTube                                            1920 x 1080 H264 High Res (clean)

Facebook and Instagram             1080 x 1080 H264 (clean)

1080 x 1080 H264 (with burnt in subs)


The budget is £1000 per min with a maximum budget for each digital short of £2,500

 How to Apply

Please apply by 10am on the 19th July 2019 and let us know if you are an individual, a partnership or company providing all of the requested information in PDF format to

The commissioned Digital Comedy Shorts will be selected by the broadcaster.  On receipt of a commission confirmation and contract you will be informed of your expected delivery deadline.

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