We want your stories of film and television production in the North! If you were part of the crew or cast in a production or were just a member of the public watching your house, street or town being transformed we would love to hear more about your experiences. Submit your memories today and help build a rich archive that helps tell the story of film and television production in the North..

Your Stories

“I helped out with the regional marketing campaign for I, Daniel Blake and saw people leaving screenings of the film moved to tears, it had a real resonance in the North East. It was great to see Ken Loach at the People’s Premiere at the Tyneside Cinema”

“I was an extra in Atonement which was filmed on Redcar beach, it was an amazing experience. We were all fitted up with costumes and went through make up to make us look war weary. The beach was an unbelievable sight”

“We filmed a big party (in place of Chelsea) inside the famous ballroom with Daniel Day Lewis it was amazing”

Location: Blackpool Tower
Submitted by: Supporting Actor, Dave Simon

“United, the BBC film of the Manchester United, Munich air disaster, was partly filmed in Tyneside Cinema, Classic auditorium. There were about 30 extras and 4 actors including Sam Claflin in an early role, again the magic of television 34 people can look like a full cinema. A number of shots were done from various angles, in which we were to whoop and cheer with four of the Manchester United team in the audience, as the Pathe News real announces they had won the cup, I think, and then look shocked as news of the air disaster is announced, these would then be inserted into the completed film in the appropriate places. Take one, the director, ‘ United have won the cup, look happy, applaud, cheer, aaand Action!…..Nothing, a little bit of clapping, the odd, ahhh, Cut! ‘Can everyone put more into it, United have won, really go for it’, aaand Action…..WHOORAH, YIPPEE, AHHH, loud applause, they got the shots. Another humorous addition to the shoot, even the actors found it funny. As some of the shots of us looking shocked at the air crash would be filmed from behind, looking at the cinema screen, the actors were asked if they would be in the scene and to sit low down or put a hat on as disguise. So in the completed film, four of the footballers in the air crash are sitting in the audience watching it. The magic of television”

Submitted by Brian Thompson, Supporting Artist.

“The shoot I am most proud of is the last episode of Inspector George Gently, I seem to make a habit of getting a role in the last episode of things. The scene was shot in the Central Bar in Gateshead. It involved myself as the barman, and two other extras propping up the bar. Martin Shaw (Gently) comes into the bar, walks down the length of it and sits talking to, as it turns out a corrupt met officer, Adam Levy. I was told to just keep busy, try not to make a noise and no sudden movements. So there I am in the background, wiping the bar down, cleaning glasses, making ,silent, small talk with the customers, in a scene with the great Martin Shaw, in a show I have loved since it began. To give an idea of how long a shoot can take for a drama, that 3 or 4 minute scene was a 10 hour day, from 10am to 7pm approximately, as the set has to be made period correct, cameras set up, costume fitting for everyone, photos taken for continuity, lunch, of course, etc, etc, and it’s all rather brilliant”

submitted by Brian Thompson, Supporting Artist

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