Apply to join Open Horizons

Who Can Apply?

The initiative is open to applicants with at least two years professional experience including work placements and paid experience in any behind-the-camera role right across the film and television industry. Your two years’ experience may have been achieved cumulatively or consecutively.

You must not earn more than £20,000 per annum or have readily accessible savings or equity of more than £10,000.

You must be resident within the UK.

You must be over 18.

How to Apply

If think you’re eligible and you’re interested in being part of Open Horizons then we advise you complete our Diagnostic Form first. We will invite those we feel eligible to apply to complete the full application by 24th August 2018.

You do not need to complete the diagnostic form if you would rather just submit an application. Deadline 24th August.

Applications to and MUST be accompanied by an up to date CV.

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