Nathan Glendinning – Floor Runner

Wolfblood – Sept – November 2015

What Role did you aspire to at the beginning of your placement?

Assistant Directing

Do you aspire to a different role now?

Still the same department but have drawn an interesting in editing and script supervising.

Can you give a brief description of work carried out as a Floor Runner, including any examples.

Travelling cast from departments/green room to set ready for shooting. Keeping a close eye on them in between takes to ensure they are at close reach for a quick turnaround.
Solve any needs/requirements which the artists have (Drinks, food etc.)
Red light and bell duty or locking off locations to ensure no one walks into shot or disrupts the set while filming.
Passing on messages between departments.
Tea table responsibilities and afternoon tea.

What have you learned, what has been most valuable?

I have learnt in detail about all the different roles within the AD department, the importance and process of being on set and prioritizing responsibilities.

What areas do you need to focus on next, or improve further through your training in order to become employment ready?

Greater knowledge of the schedule. Be able to think a few steps ahead and ensure I am in the correct location, where I will be of most use to the rest of the team, whether it’s locking off a location or set or standing by with an actor ready to travel.

1st AD Comments

Nathan was one of the best runners I have ever worked with! Whatever I asked of him he completed and always with a professional manner and good humour! I would definitely work with him again.
Nael Abbas / 1st Assistant Director – Wolfblood 2015

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