Kim Brown – Make up

What Role did you aspire to at the beginning of your placement?

Before beginning this placement I knew that I wanted to work in film and television as a make-up artist and I also had an interest in creating and applying prosthetics. I would have liked to continue my personal development across all elements of make-up and hair application.

Do you aspire to a different role now?

Overall my career goals have remained the same, although I would particularly like to work on historical hair and make-up as I think it would be more of a challenge compared to contemporary work, additionally, designing looks for film and television is something I’d eventually like to aim for.

Can you give a brief description of work carried out as a make-up trainee, including any examples.

I took part in a variety of tasks such as cleaning brushes properly and making sure they were dry, setting up the make-up area so that all the products needed during the day were on hand, I also took the majority of the continuity photos as well as printing them off and filing them properly. On days where there were many supporting artists I took part in checks and applied some evening make-up’s as well as prepping a group of “Hen’s” and did the brides hair and make-up.

What have you learned, what has been most valuable?

I believe the experience of being on set during the film production was the most valuable aspect, I also learnt that being friendly, reliable and well prepared were equally important aspects to bring to set as it made the production process far more efficient and less stressful for all members of the crew.

What areas do you need to focus on next, or improve further through your training in order to become employment ready?

In terms of practical skills I feel that doing some sort of hair cutting course would be really beneficial, especially for any future television work, it is proving to be quite difficult to find a relatively short one that could fit in with actually working however.

The film was a really useful experience on how to behave on set but I did still find times where I felt a bit unsure about what was going on/where was best to be during filming, this was also difficult when my boss was applying make-up to the main cast as I didn’t want to be seen as hanging around, this wasn’t really a huge problem on this particular production because the crew were so welcoming and patient and it was easy enough to ask them what was best, which as a result gave me the information and confidence I need to do the job to the best of my ability.

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