Josh Wilson – Camera

What Role did you aspire to at the beginning of your placement?

Camera Trainee

Do you aspire to a different role now?

I’ve always been aware of starting as a camera trainee from the beginning of my career therefore I will carry on working as a trainee and I’ll gradually progress higher within the department as I become more experienced.

Can you give a brief description of work carried out as a Camera trainee, including any examples.

My main job as a trainee is to ensure that all of the monitors that we are using on the production are where they need to be and to make sure they have a constant supply of battery life, using initiative and working quickly allows me to carry out my job efficiently so I can then assist the 2nd and 1st AC with anything they require.

What have you learned, what has been most valuable?

The most valuable part of my placement on Wolfblood was the chance to work and meet with other Camera Assistants, this has created the contacts that are necessary to progress onto different productions where I will continue to meet and work with new members of the Camera Department.

What areas do you need to focus on next, or improve further through your training in order to become employment ready?

Generally, through experience I will become a better camera trainee, I don’t believe I have anything I need to focus on to solely improve a certain aspect. As long as I keep a keen and confident attitude toward my career I will learn things on the way that will prove to be invaluable, and when I’ve gained enough experience as a trainee, that will be the time to step up to 2nd assistant camera.

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