Production Secretary – Chris Bevan

What is your job role and what does that involve?

The Production Secretary job involves all of the things to do with a production that you wouldn’t necessarily think about. I book all of the travel and accommodation for the cast and crew, I check and issue the callsheet every evening, organise costume fittings…and much, much more. I spend a lot of my time answering the phone and dealing with various queries, so its important to know what is going on.

How did you get to become a production secretary?

I started off as a Production Runner, learning from all of the experience that I had and made sure that I used it in everything that I did. Production is one of the only departments in the whole crew that deals with all of the other departments, so it’s all about knowing how everything functions, and having a good understanding of that.

What training have you had?

The only training that I’ve had is through asking questions and using initiative. There’s not a set way of doing things so it’s all about learning what is best for you and how you work best in order to get the job done.

What key skills do you need for your job?

As a Production Secretary you need to be super organised, have a good logical way of thinking, and be good at solving problems, as well as a friendly nature and some good communication skills!

What’s the one thing people should be aware of pursuing this role?

The Production Secretary is typically in the office for about an hour after wrap (if not longer), and you won’t always get your lunch on time!

What advice would you offer future prod sec’s?

Learn everything about everything, there is never a piece of information that won’t come in useful.

What do you wish you had known when starting out?

I wish I’d known that the simplest of things could go wrong. Everything needs meticulous planning to make sure that the production runs like clockwork!

What are your top tips?

1 – Always think two steps ahead to counteract things that could go wrong.

2 – Stay organised.

3 – Smile and be cheery! You’re the face of the Production Office. Build a good relationship with all of the crew.

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