About Made In Britain

What is Made In Britain?

Made in Britain has arisen to tackle some of the key barriers to entry in the British media in which the production processes and routes to participation have become increasingly inaccessible. Made In Britain is also an attempt to improve and deepen the representation of some communities, working class, minorities, young and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scheme enables those underrepresented to tell a story that matters to them and produce top quality video journalism.

About the project

The project is a collaboration between Northern Film + Media and The Guardian who will identify a local video trainee in the Tees Valley with a knack and passion for storytelling. The scheme will also work with a local documentary filmmaker who will mentor the trainee alongside video producers and journalists from the Guardian. The UK-wide scheme intends to produce character-led short films, develop talent, successfully demonstrate a style of video journalism that is accessible to those from diverse backgrounds, and deepen the public’s understanding of issues surrounding inequality and poverty.

Want to know more about video journalism?

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