Kimberley O’Neill

Kimberley O’Neill will be working with Stills to research a new moving image work exploring the dynamics of ‘crowd mind’, starting from the historian EP Thompson’s writing on ‘Rough Music’. She aims to generate a body of primary research, documenting crowd situations and group behaviour within Edinburgh in video, film and audio sketches.

Based in Glasgow, she graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2007. Recent projects include Circuits of Bad Conscience, Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, 2017; Line of Sight, group exhibition, Reid Gallery, Glasgow, 2016; Conatus TV, Edinburgh Art Festival, 2016; Nos Algaes, Tramway, 2014 & Amygdala N.O.S, South London Gallery, 2015, collaborative performances with Cara Tolmie and France Lise McGurn.

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