Aaron Guy

Using the current political and socio-economic situation of Scotland and England, Aaron Guy will use his time in Edinburgh with Stills as a backdrop to explore Scottish Common Sense. With Scotland in a potentially imposed political position, a sense of revolution is building – Guy is intrigued to hear from the people of Edinburgh where a decision, seeming to lack in common sense, leaves a nation economically, politically and socially.

Throughout his work Aaron investigates the infrastructure and mechanics created by political policy and economics and how they influence contemporary society and affect human condition. All personal works and residency projects use the same methods and are conceived through research, community group active participation and academic collaboration. Final production and presentation of works range from large-scale gallery installation to site-specific interventions and publications. To achieve this, he employs a range of trans-media specialising in moving image and film works that are built using photographic studies as research and collecting sound and text to produce a mixture of abstract and narrative imagery.

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