Meet our Blueprint Artists

Graham Williamson

 Graham Williamson is a film-maker and writer based in Middlesbrough. His work uses elements of social and political history, science, mythology and personal reminiscence to create unique psychological portraits of working-class communities. Recently he co-directed the documentary Where the Stone Dropped with Ian Paine, about the man-made peninsula of South Gare and the people who pursue their dreams there. He has written about film, literature, music and politics for Byline Times, Northern Correspondent, Horrified and The Geek Show.


Dominic Nelson

Dominic JP Nelson-Ashley from Stockton-on-Tees is firmly established as a spoken-word artist who delivers consistently electrifying performances. His poetry books tackle the issues of fatherhood, chat-up lines, role models, celebrity culture, mental health and spending his teenage years in a middle-England town. His poetry has been rewarded with a BBC commission and Dominic has performed at the world’s longest-running online literary festival –  WinchesterFest. Dominic has been on ITV discussing the impact of the Windrush generation, Black Lives Matter and the power of education. Underpinning all his work are optimistic tones, positive vibes, and uplifting messages.

Maddie Smyth

Madeleine Smyth is a musician, composer and sound artist from Hartlepool. She blends viola, voice, electronic instruments and found sound to create ethereal songs and soundscapes. She has also worked with visual media to create pieces inspired by the natural world and her connection with it.



Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward is a multi-disciplined artist from Stockton-on-Tees with a focus on film, photography, and sculptural work. Matthew aims to send audiences on a journey of self-discovery when interacting with his work, inspiring discussions about ourselves, our place in the world and what we want from life.

Megan Watson

Megan Watson is a digital artist from Hartlepool. She works primarily in 3D and 2D design to explore the relationship between technology, humanity, and nature. Her most recent work Natural AI imagines artificial intelligence as an organic self-developing form. The project developed from Megan’s interest in mythology, posthumanism, and the representation of artificial intelligence in the media. Natural AI imagines nature, technology, and humanity evolving into one singular entity.

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