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How long will Open Horizons#2 last?

This initiative will run until end of June 2020. Hopefully this will be successful and we will be able to continue it.

Are the Open Horizons#2 activities open to everyone?

10 – 12 people will be selected for the initiative and these will qualify for all aspects if required and appropriate. Set visits and some activity may be open more widely with preference given to those taking part in the initiative. We also have Going Places for those not on the initiative but looking for support to travel to interview etc.

I’m still in education – can I join Open Horizons#2?

No, not until you have finished your studies, and have worked professionally for at least two years. You can attend NFM Academy networking events. If you are a final year student you can attend Boot Camps, Master Classes and Workshops. See

I’m under 18 can I take part in Open Horizons#2?

No, under 18’s aren’t insured on productions so it’s very difficult for us to help until you’re 18. Check for activities and events that may be available to you once you are 18.

I don’t have any paid experience?

Open Horizons#2 is designed to support those who have already begun their careers overcome geographical disadvantage of living in production ‘cold spots’. Your first professional job must have been over two years ago.

Will you find me a placement?

We will help, support and advise as much as we are able, but the onus must be on you to decide your pathway and research opportunities and approach productions. There may be instances where we become aware of opportunities which we will offer to the most suitable candidate.

Will you organise set visits?

Yes, we plan to organise a couple of set visits for successful applicants.

I’m keen to find a mentor – will you help?

Mentors are very valuable and we suggest that you research the area of work you’re interested in and come to us with suggestions of mentors. We will help you with this and will cover reasonable costs for mentors.

Why should I complete a diagnostic form first?

In order for us to assess how we can help and what support we can give we need information about you ad your ambitions.

I have an interview in London – can you help?

Yes, as long as you provide us with the details BEFORE you go, complete our Activity Form and furnish us with receipts we will re-imburse reasonable expenses.

Can you give me CV advice?

Yes, contact us at for advice and support.

Will you find me a placement?

You need to be proactive in finding placements, work and interviews .  We will help you where we can and we will give you access to a whole host of Academy opportunities.  These opportunities and jobs will go to the best person for the particular job.

It is up to you to get the most out of Open Horizons#2 and all that it has to offer.

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