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Posted on 7th June 2019

Tees Valley Screen, Creative Factory and The Auxiliary have extended the deadline on an exciting new artist residency programme aimed at supporting two artists to play with sound and vision in collaboration with a tech based company.

Are you keen to experiment, collaborate and have fun with cutting edge technology? We are looking for two innovative Tees Valley based artists interested in having fun and playing with sound and vision. You will be working with Vlogbase where you will develop your own practice while reimagining how their technology could be developed and used in new and exciting ways!

You will show your work in progress at the Middlesbrough weekender, September 2019 and will be encouraged to apply for further development to present a final piece in 2020. Pop along to our TVS social on July 10th to talk to NFM.

Supported by Arts Council England and the Tees Valley Combined Authority, two artists will be commissioned to take part in a 12 week residency with Vlogbase. You will explore augmented reality, immersive media and disruptive open source technology. Artists will develop a work in progress / concept / for a new digital piece of work to be shared at the Middlesbrough Art Weekender in September 2019. Artists will be given a residency bursary of £3000, and have access to additional support from Digital Catapult North East Tees Valley & PROTO. You must commit a minimum of 12 days to the residency.

The aim of the residency is for artists to bring their creative thinking to the tech start-up, to see how the developing tech can be used in new creative ways both in their practice and for the start-up.

How to Apply
Previous applications will be held for consideration and need not re apply.

To apply please submit a (max 2 page) PDF proposal to containing the following information:

– Biography and links to previous work
– Outline of why this project is of interest to you and how it fits with your practice and development as an artist
– Please include your Address and contact details
– Subject title, TVS Artist Residency
– Document saved as TVS Artist Residency (and your name)

The deadline for submissions is 9am Friday July 12th 2019. Artists will be selected by Tees Valley Screen, Creative Factory, The Auxiliary and the tech company Vlogbase (Info about their Vlogbase can be found below)
Residency Extended Timeline 2019

June 20th Extension announced

July 12th Deadline

July PROTO Visit

July – Sept Residencies take place

Sept 26th Middlesbrough Art Weekender – Social and Presentation of work in progress/showcase

October Evaluation & next steps for developing the projects

September 2020 Presentation of finished projects

Further Information
If you have any questions regarding this opportunity please contact:
Lisa Laws, Northern Film + Media

0191 440 4562


Vlogbase is an exciting new start-up tech company based at Teesside University. Our aim is to make it possible to do things with sound and video that otherwise would not be possible, through the creation of new technologies and tools.

So far, we have built technologies that allow people to search and navigate through audio and video in new ways. In late June, we will also launch an artificial intelligence that can make videos by itself, from the footage that is supplied to it.

The current tech can be used on large and unmanageable amounts of audiovisual content, to search through it and find parts that the artist finds interesting. These can then be compiled and displayed, and we have a display method then allows the audience in turn to search through the work of the artist.

The forthcoming tech has many more variables, and is essentially a whole new form of media. The system creates outputs by itself, based on the criteria set by the artist, and the media that is loaded in. It could be automated still further by having the inputs set by external factors, such as twitter data or crowd-uploaded video. Anyone interested in Aleatoricism could have a lot of fun with this.

Due to the expense of processing the video inputs, the largest amount of video we could include is 10 hours. Other than that, you can use the technology in any way you choose.

More information on the current version of Vlogbase, with examples, is available at

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