The Suggestibles 4 hour Challenge

Posted on 5th June 2019

12 Teams of filmmakers, with 2 Actors, and just 4 Hours to make a film.

Could you make a short film in just 4 hours?

 The Suggestibles are looking for 12 brave teams to enter this fun and crazy filmmaking event. Your team needs to arrive at 11.30am with your shooting and editing equip, and a ‘Let’s make a movie right now!’ attitude. At high noon, your team will be provided 2 actors, a suggestion, and the clock will start ticking. You’ve 4 hours to return with your film of no longer than 4 mins, which will be screened that very evening.

 Whilst you recover from running around the city like headless chickens making your mini-masterpiece, your team will be treated to a buffet, and then it’s showtime at 7pm. The films will be judged by an industry panel who will choose their favourite film to be awarded the 4 Hour Film Challenge Trophy.

 Massive thanks to Picture Canning North for sponsoring the 4 Hour Film Challenge Trophy and Buffet.

 It’s a brilliant networking event, but more than that, it’s a celebration of creativity, ingenuity, guts and thinking on the fly – a challenge all filmmakers face as they try to create something from nothing (usually budget).

 The 4 Hour Film Challenge has a long history. First presented as an experiment at The Cumberland Arms in 2006 for The Suggestibles’ 2nd birthday celebrations, it grew to play theatres and cinemas across the Northeast, Leeds and Liverpool. The last one was in 2011. So, this is an exciting revival. And hey! It should be a bit easier, cos back in the day, we had to use tapes!

 So, if you’re up for the challenge of the most creative day you can imagine, form a team, and grab your place in the best damn film making challenge on this planet or any other!

 Head over to the Suggestibles website for more info and to book:


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