Remake A Take launches for Great Exhibition of the North

Posted on 27th February 2018

Remake A Take is an exciting new Northern Film & Media project commissioned for the Great Exhibition of the North 2018 to celebrate the North on screen.

The North has inspired generations of internationally renowned filmmaking talent with Northern filmmakers going on to make some of the most critically and commercially acclaimed film and television of all time. The region’s locations and people have also inspired the film and television industry for decades. ‘Remake a Take’ gives audiences a number of playful and immersive opportunities to celebrate the rich heritage and vibrancy of Northern film.

The Remake a Take project has three strands:

DIY Director’s Challenge and Guide

Enter the Remake a Take DIY Film Challenge! Grab your mobile phone or camera and remake a classic scene from Northern film or TV. Explore the handy DIY Director’s Guide and Top Tips video to help you get started.

Movie Map

From cosmopolitan cityscapes to breathtaking wilderness get lost in the Remake a Take interactive map that will let you know where some of the great Northern film and television has been made. Submit your stories and anecdotes to help build a fascinating story of film and television production in the North.

Film Trail

During the Great Exhibition of the North you will be able to take part in the Remake a Take movie trail, immersing yourself in our interactive film stills positioned along the exhibition routes across Newcastle and Gateshead. Launching on June 22nd and running until September 15th.

Explore the Remake a Take website to find out how you can get involved today!

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