Open Horizons visit Emmerdale

Posted on 8th January 2019

Open Horizons Associates visited the Emmerdale Studio where they were met key crew members, were given a tour and a live studio experience. There were ample opportunities to network with different departments and everyone took away something different from the experience.

 Joe Dixon Tsitsikas

“Our Open Horizons group trip to the Emmerdale Studios was a fantastic opportunity. I was very impressed with the working dynamic of the ITV team, the way in which they orchestrated and organised such an intensive schedule to such a degree of perfection was both fascinating and inspiring. There was an overwhelming sense of community at the Studios, the ITV team all shared the same passion and enjoyment in what they did and appeared to have great working relationships.

I was presented the opportunity to speak with one of the camera teams on set, which was great because I was able to gauge a little bit more about what it was like working at the Studios from people that work within my department. I met some amazing people and had a fantastic opportunity to network. I have since been contacted with regards to a potential position at the studios next year and was asked to send over my CV, so the trip could have potentially been the first step in a massive career opportunity and I very much look forward to seeing how this develops.” 

Victoria Griffin

“The recent visit to Emmerdale was an insightful and exciting experience, giving me the opportunity to experience a continuing drama set, and speak with the creatives that work there. It was an informative visit, and it surprised me to hear how quickly they need to turn around episodes from script to finished product. I particularly enjoyed watching the mixing of the shots, and seeing how they set up their cameras in order to maximise coverage. My experiences in drama are so vastly different, especially with the approach in filming, that it was great to see how a series like Emmerdale actually works.”

More updates from the Open Horizons Associates to follow soon!

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