North East Comedy Hot House x Channel 4 – find the digital shorts here!

Posted on 18th December 2019 by Charlotte Nixon

We’ll update this page as soon as Channel 4 release the sketches!

Too Proud To Split The Bill – Couch Potato Films

We’re Gannin’ Oot, Oot! – Roundhouse Pictures

If Boobs Were Like Balls – FNA

Christmas Can Just Do One – Couch Potato Films


A Little Chat With HR – Couch Potato Films

Geordie Fail Club – Couch Potato Films

When The Waiter Doesn’t Write It Down – Roundhouse Pictures

If GCSE Geordie Was Taught In School Roundhouse Pictures

Ghosted FNA


Just Eat Those Cheesy Chips Couch Potato Films

Make My Boyfriend Better – Motif Pictures

Things You Wish You’d Said In An Argument Motif Pictures

Why We Gotta Keep Hold Of Our Balls Couch Potato Films

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