‘My Life: My New Heart’ – CBBC

Posted on 18th February 2020 by Charlotte Nixon

Catch the documentary at 5:30pm on Tuesday 18th February on CBBC, or on BBC iPlayer soon!

Sunderland-based production company MCC Media have a documentary set to broadcast today, as part of the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning ‘My Life’ series: ‘My Life: My New Heart’.

MCC Media have been working with the children’s heart unit at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle for the past four years. ‘My Life: My New Heart’ follows the inspirational story of 12-year-old Jack as he awaits a new heart. Jack has lived with congenital heart disease all his life. Despite his dream being to play football with his friends, he suffers breathing problems and is even unable to walk up stairs.

The documentary follows Jack’s experience on the transplant list, his hours of surgery, and his tough recovery process as he embraces his second chance at life. This is groundbreaking work which raises awareness of the incredibly important issue of children’s organ donation. 12-year-old Jack says ‘I just wanted to tell my story in a hope that it would help other people. I’m so grateful to the donor family, my family, and all the hospital staff for all the support I have received’.

MCC Media are building upon the success of this documentary with some exciting new projects, currently in development with CBBC, alongside other major broadcasters. For more information, contact Paul McCoy.

Follow Jack’s inspiring journey at 5:30pm on Tuesday 18th of February on CBBC, or on BBC iPlayer shortly after transmission.

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