Middlechild Productions opens North East office

Posted on 16th February 2022

Middlechild is opening a base in the North East after landing a BBC daytime commission about legal cases in the North East.

Middlechild’s northern office will open in the Ouseburn, Newcastle as Northern Child and will house the production of 10 x 30-minute series Northern Justice (w/t), which will feature first-person testimonies from local lawyers and their clients.

This is the first BBC commission for Middlechild, who recently where a part of the BBC’s Small Indie Fund, and have been behind shows including Channel 5’s Call The Bailiffs: Time To Pay Up and Yesterday’s Secrets of the Transport Museum.

Northern Justice will be series produced by A Lake District Farm Shop and The People’s Vet Producer Lesley Duncanson and directed by Andy Smythe (Don’t Exclude Me), who will both be based in Northern Child’s offices.

Creative Director Andrew Eastel said Middlechild is making a long-term commitment to the North East following the BBC’s plans to invest £25m in the region. He believes that there is a rich seam of local talent available that can reinvigorate Northern Child’s output.

He said, “The region is churning out training and qualifications but the majority of people move south because there is little work, particularly in factual TV.

“Providing paid jobs, work experience, and new facilities is important for the sustainability of our business, and we may also be able help to attract talent back to the area. It feels like we can inject some growth in the local economy.”

“Everyone is pulling in the right direction and it feels exciting to be part of something new. We’re buying into a grander plan.”

Northern Justice (w/t) was commissioned by Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak, Carla-Maria Lawson. Commissioning Editors Helen Munson and Rachel Platt will exec with Middlechild’s Eastel and Managing Director David Sumnall.

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