BBC Factual Commission – Invitation to Pitch

Posted on 27th February 2017

The BBC in the North East and Cumbria is inviting pitches for a thirty minute presenter led documentary to coincide with the corporation’s Science season later this year.

The documentary – expected to air at 19.30 on BBC One in May – will hunt out scientific developments that have impacted on everyday life.  The programme will be one of 10 across the regions of England which aims to find the people who’ve innovated but aren’t necessarily household names.

The programme brief is to feature inventions past and present and, hopefully uncover ideas dreamed up in garden sheds just as much as in university labs! Ideally the programme will have a theme specific to the North East and Cumbia and will interweave history and twenty-first century excellence.

The BBC is looking for a presenter who can bring scientific stories to life for a mainstream audience – and also have the credibility and knowledge to appeal to the science community.

The budget will be in the region of £28-30K.  If you are interested please contact Jacqui Hodgson, Factual Editor for the BBC in the North East and Cumbria, by email.

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