Going Places

Having run the North East Travel and Subsistence (NETS) Fund jointly since 2016, Northern Film + Media and the Film and Television Charity have extended this highly successful fund under the new ‘Going Places’ brand and opened it up to applicants from throughout the UK. The fund is financed by the Film and Television Charity, held and distributed by NFM, and jointly administered between the two organisations.

Going Places has been designed to help level the playing field for experienced film and television industry professionals whose welfare and professional security is being put at risk by having to absorb extra travel, accommodation and subsistence costs stemming from the distance between where they live and where they need to go to secure work, undertake training, develop their projects or maintain their professional networks.

Open to applicants with at least two years of professional experience in any behind-the-camera role right through the film and television value chain, the Going Places Fund will offer quick turnaround awards of £100 to £1,500. Individuals may apply on a one-off or repeated basis, with an annual ceiling of £1,500 per person (per Financial Year). Going Places awards will help meet the additional costs of travel, accommodation and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by media professionals who have to travel out of the region within the UK to build their client base, meet with commissioners and purchasers, or to access training and professional networks to help develop their careers. No match funding is required.

Please note that you cannot apply to Going Places either for course fees or for support towards activity which takes place outside the UK.

Awards are offered on a fast-turnaround basis, with decisions made within five working days of application and payments made within five working days of acceptance of the award.

Who Can Apply? Key Eligibility Criteria

  • Experience: You must have two years’ professional experience in a behind-the-camera role, anywhere in the value chain. Your two years’ experience may have been achieved cumulatively or consecutively.
  • Value of proposed activity: you must be able to make a persuasive case that whatever activity you are seeking support for has a credible prospect of advancing your career and improving your professional security.
  • Need: This is a welfare fund, therefore successful applications must evidence some kind of need which an Award will alleviate. This need must have a significant financial component as well as a geographical one, and accordingly some financial limits apply. Although we will take account any factors that make applicants’ finances unusual or complicated, we would generally not expect to make an award to someone with more than £10,000 of savings, or income of over £20,000 a year (£25,000 a year if based within the M25).
  • Residency: You must be resident within the UK. (Note that the activity for which you are seeking support must also take place within the UK.)

Please note that the Going Places Fund is not a travel-to-work scheme and permanent or other PAYE-registered employees are ineligible for this Fund. If working away from home you must be doing so on a self-employed basis, or if you are on PAYE it must be through your own company.

Applications must be made online; click here  for the application form. Before making an application please download and read the Guidance Notes below. If you are applying for a follow-up meeting or event and your circumstances have not changed since your initial application, please use this shorter reapplication form.  If you have any questions about making an application, please contact the Fund Managers by email.


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