Random Acts

Splashy, Heather Phillipson

Channel 4, Northern Film & Media and BALTIC commissioned 10 artists and filmmakers for Channel 4’s renowned Random Acts strand. This series of new commissions represents a diverse range of creative talent and has given artists and filmmakers in the region a national platform for new work.

Random Acts is a short-form, late night daily arts strand on Channel 4. It launched in 2011 and in its first year showcased 260 specially-commissioned three-minute films chosen for their bold expressions of creativity. Adopting a ‘television as art’, rather than television about art approach, Random Acts enables a diverse range of established artists and emerging talent to create their own pieces, unmediated by presenters and unfettered by the conventions of conservative arts television. These short films disrupt the schedule with content including, but not restricted to: spoken word, dance, animation, visual art and music.

The films commissioned were:

STILLLIFE, dir. Ben Jeans Houghton (Broadcast Tues 14/01/14 24.00)

STUPID CULT, dir. Andrew Coats (Broadcast Wed 20/11/13 24.50)

THE SOMNAMBULIST, dir. Reuben Abraham (Broadcast Mon 09/12/13 24.55)

SPIN, dir. Ian Cottage (Broadcast Wed 27/11/13 24.40)

SPATULAHEAD, dir. Lesley-Anne Rose (Broadcast Mon 2/12/13 11.55pm)

SPLASHY PHASINGS, dir. Heather Phillipson (Broadcast Tues 3/12/13 1.20am)

ZOMINIC, dir. Michelle Fox (Broadcast Tues 26/11/13 24.00)

TONY AND ANGELA, dir. Lyn Hagan (Broadcast Fri 31/01/13 24.55)

PIG THE DOG, dir. Maxy Bianco (Broadcast Thurs 12/12/13 24.45)

THE FALSE LIGHTS OF DURHAM, dir. Ed Carter (Broadcast Fri 07/03/14 1.55am)


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