MCC Media win My Life comission for CBBC

Posted: 12th February 2014

North East creative agency MCC Media have been commissioned to work on the critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning documentary series My Life for CBBC. 

The series returns to CBBC with seven brand new thirty minute films following the lives of children with incredible personal stories to tell. MCC Media’s episode, My Life: The Floating Hospital, will be broadcast as part of the series on CBBC on 18 February 2014, at 5.30pm. It was produced and directed for Sunderland based MCC Media by award winning producer Paul McCoy and Exec Produced by Audrey Neil.

In ‘My Life: The Floating Hospital’ viewers are introduced to Iona, a 15 year old British girl who sails with her family on The African Mercy - a hospital ship that travels around the world helping people who need it most - and Grace, a Congolese teenager whose life has been shattered by the growth of an enormous tumour on her face. Iona takes us on board her home, exploring everything from the captain’s deck to the engine room. Through her eyes we look at what keeps this ship afloat. Grace and Iona don’t speak the same language but, somehow, they manage to find a way to overcome the barriers and become friends as Grace waits to find out if the doctors can save her life. This film is a tale of two worlds colliding and the formation of friendship through life changing experiences. 

With the help from Gateshead-based creative development agency Northern Film & Media, MCC made a taster tape for the episode in Tenerife, which won them the commission from CBBC. The final film was shot in Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo last September.

Paul McCoy, producer and director, said: “This was a fantastic experience for everyone who worked on the film. It was a great story that just had to be told. None of this would have been possible without the help and hard work from Mercy Ships and the team at MCC Media.”

Kez Margrie, CBBC’s executive producer for the My Life films, said: “This latest series features some truly incredible young people and they all have very different stories to tell. At CBBC we try to encourage our viewers to see the world in a new and interesting way and we hope that the extraordinary personal stories told by the children in My Life will inspire them to do just that.”


The above image has been reproduced courtesy of the BBC.


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